Venus eclipse march 27 astrology

If that means standing as a group of one, so be it. A special someone can make their mark on your life in some undeniable, life-altering way. The transit can produce a new lifestyle, relationship, material status or income source. A transit for us all, Uranus in Taurus revolutionizes the way we think, the way we feel, the way we relate to each other and to issues of survival.

The transit will break down existing social, political, economic and moral norms and update them with something more appropriate for the times. To the plus, the transit can introduce you to new ways to not only survive but to thrive, re money and re matters and relationships dear to the heart. The eclipse can put the spotlight on parent, child, authority figure, someone in need, or someone or something from the past. Know that Mercury is retrograde from July 7 to 31, so if you must make a major decision or sign official documents, make sure to read the fine print and know what you are getting into.

If possible, build in a contingency clause, or have a back up plan ready. Look to both transits to infuse you with fresh wind.

Neil Spencer - Writer and Astrologer

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Venus Retrograde March 4th 2017 Astrology forecast for all 12 signs from April!

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This means you are understanding a deeper soul story that has unconsciously guided you for lifetimes, and an intense purge is possible in November. We are bringing in new levels of light onto the planet, and this is pushing out the darker, denser energies that we individually hold, as well as what has existed in the 3D matrix for decades. A lot is happening that is positive and transformational, so there is much more to share in this week's show!

November is gifting you with opportunities to move past intense soul experiences that have been on a karmic loop, and to answer the next Call of your Soul that excites you. Big Scorpio and Sagittarius energies are requiring us to go within for clarity and clearing, as cosmic forces come in strongly the last 10 days of the month. Mercury is retrograde until Nov 20, which is also the same day that Mars enters Scorpio, signaling a new conviction in what you must do next. We're also revisiting energies of the Harmonic Convergence.

Much more to share in this show. The end of October brings Venus and Mercury travelling together in Scorpio as Mercury prepares to station retrograde on Oct 31, and then Venus enters Sagittarius on Nov 1. We are being pushed and supported in allowing ourselves to purge what is complete - and you feel it deeply at a soul level. The Sun in Scorpio journey reminds us that everything can be transformed to a higher expression of consciousness, but we must trust the process and allow the energetic death to occur.

The energies are approaching a peak in January , so we are seeing how far we have summitted and yet making serious decisions around what we must commit to next. Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn at 20 degrees on Nov 4, so take measured steps right now and do not force decisions or relationship steps, if you can hold back for a week.

More to share in this week's show.

The Low-Down on the Far-Out

Lifetimes of energies, emotions, and experiences gather up in our unconsciousness and travels with us through each incarnation. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from Oct 31 to Nov 21 is a major clearing of these soul stories, and there is exceptional rare! There is divine support for moving through blocks, trusting yourself more, developing a long-term plan, clearing soul energy limitations, leaving karmic cycles and situations, gathering renewed, returning to your true needs, and seeing a deeper pattern that has been happening through unconscious energies and choices.

A fuller story is emerging within you, and you've been feeling it for a while now - most likely privately, intuitively, and deeply. A lot is moving in the ethers! As we move into Scorpio season, we are supported in healing deeper energies on the planet that have been stuck in other energies and paradigms. There is enough light on the planet to transmute soul energies with the Violet Flame, as well as move density off of the planet. Capricorn and Scorpio energies can work together to support energy healings at a deeper level, so this show includes channeled messages around what is ready to be cleared and transmuted now.

Welcome to Scorpio season! Then the weekend brings bold power moves with the Scorpio New Moon at 4 degrees and Sun opposing Uranus at 5 degrees.

Breakthroughs are happening, setting you free from deeper programming and the limitations of your unconscious fears, as you make more powerful chocies around what you want and how you absolutely deserve to manifest your highest intentions. Mercury is slowing down as the Messenger prepares to station retrograde on Oct 31 at 27 degrees Scorpio.

More to share in this weekly episode. We are moving through escalating astrological and global energies of and beyond, which is requiring us to maintain higher energies as the 3D world comes crashing down. The lightworkers of the planet are being called en masse to serve their missions NOW.

How to find Your Venus Sign

To support those in alignment with 5D frequencies and following their soul mission or wanting to! We'll talk about the shadow energies that can show up and creep in, as well as how to not let any interference to take you off of your path. I also add in the astrological connections in your chart.

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  5. She has been a regularly featured health and parenting expert on San Diego News 6 and Fox 5 San Diego and has been a guest on several national radio shows. Erika is a naturopath trained in clinical nutrition, biofeedback, essential oils, homeopathy, vibrational medicine, applied kinesiology, flower essences, Aura Soma therapy, and energy psychology. She has a B. The last week of Libra season invites us to bring in more peace and harmony for what we've moved through over the past decade, and to find closure for what was committed to at a soul level.

    The South Node in Capricorn is triggering the energies from - , so you could feel that something is pulling you back to those years in your life. Yet there is strong support for seeing your power in a higher way, as well as honoring how much you've grown because of these big lessons and life changes. A "kite" aspect is created as the Water Grand Trine energies connect with Saturn in Capricorn, signalling that we are ready to embark on new commitments as karma closes and cycles end for good. Intermediate level astrology.

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    Neptune is a key energy in the natal chart for how you are here to spiritually grow and evolve in this lifetime. Neptune removes our ego and reminds us that everything changes, dissolves, and ends, so how are you moving through life with the wisdom that nothing is permanent? I share with you the main themes and energies of Neptune, as well as a brief overview of the generational themes of Neptune. Libra energies are currently bringing the Masculine aspects of ourselves the Sun and Mars into higher balance and showing us the other side of what we've been experiencing in Libra is ruled by Venus, who is now in Scorpio and coming up to an opposition with Uranus in Taurus at 5 degrees on October It is time to remove your own limiting patterns that you thought 'other people' were responsible for and now take control of what you know at a soul level is true for you.

    Mercury in Scorpio is entering a Water Grand Trine with the NN in Cancer at 12 degrees and Neptune in Pisces at 16 degrees, which is wonderfully supportive of intuitive growth and seeing the truth through new eyes. Plus, we're building up to an explosive Aries Full Moon that gives birth to new areas of self-expression and personal needs.

    More to share in this episode, including some pretty awesome intuitive visuals and messages. October begins with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all direct and gaining power throughout the month, which is a significant shift to how each planet was held back from its full potential for a majority of The Sun and Mars are both in Libra, requiring us to maintain equilibrium and inner harmony with an objective viewpoint that ultimately nothing is personal.