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Book Description Rosicrucian Fellowship, Oceanside, Seller Inventory Book Description The Rosicrucian Fellowship, Soft Cover. Condition: Fair. Wrap has edgewear and soiling. Page edges show foxing.

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Book Description Paperback. Condition: Fine. Paperback Fine Offered for sale by the charity Langdon: supporting young men and women with disabilities. Group of Similar Books. All books are in similar condition. Some slight creases but overall good copy. Some spines are more worn than others. But for the most part are in clean, hardly opened condition.

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Blue decorative paper covers, matching. Mix of first and second editions compile the set.

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No other science is so sublime, so profound, and so all- embracing. It portrays the relation between God, the macrocosm, and man, the microcosm, showing them to be fundamentally one.

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  4. Occult science, investigating the subtler forces that impinge upon man, the Spirit, and his vehicles, has charted their effects with no less definiteness than has academic science the reactions of sea and soil, plant and animal to the solar and lunar rays. Case Studies in Hoary Astrology. Combination Of Stellar Influences.

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    Combination of Stellar Influences. Combination Of Stellar Influences Supp.

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    Combination of Stellar Influences Supplement 1. Cusps Cusps Cusps and more Cusps. Editors of Everywoman's Daily Horoscope. Deductive Interpetion of the Progressed Horoscope. Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolised.

    Studies in Astrology Volume VIII

    Degrees Of The Zodiac Symbolised. Delineating the Horoscope Brotherhood of Light. Eclipses and Lunations in Astorolgy.

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