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Moon mother in Capricorn endurance, preservation strong in an angular house long life! It seems her grandma was alive till too!

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That would also be her 7th house mother of mother. Any of you have similar positions and look much younger in older age? When they are awfully quiet and you wonder if they are up no good but go to find them reading books hidden in the closet! Jupiter in the 12th house toddlers do good things in private! Jupiter is moving into Capricorn in a few days!

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A new chapter is starting for all of us! Where will the planet of blessings and Abundance take you in the next 12 months! What area of your life will get rewarded, fertilized, expanded, renewed! December videos for all 12 signs! Venus conjunct Jupiter on Galactic centre today! Taurus: from a secret source, intimacy, others resources or support. Gemini: from a partner personal or business clients, contracts.

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Cancer: from work, health, solving of a complex imbalanced situation or problem. Leo: from your love life, dating, lover, children, creative ideas, inspiration.

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Virgo: from your home, family, place of living, personal life. Libra: from communications, news, information, relatives or friends. Scorpio: from family, money, resources, valuables, possessions.

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Sagittarius: well you are the star today; you are the fountain of opportunities, rewards, good spirit and wisdom! Capricorn: from your intuition, guardian angels, guides, mystical knowledge or a foreign place. Aquarius: from a friend, social group, large audience, recognition rewards from past activities this is my rising and today I received the most life changing advice and support from a lady friend! Pisces: career, bosses, authority figures, ppl in power or parents astrolada jupiterconjunctvenus dailyhoroscope. Today our Beautiful Natalia is turning 36! She has changed the life of half a million women in Eastern Europe in just 11 years!

I want to wish our passionate Sagittarius teacher to touch the lives of millions more of women around the world! As a gift for you Natalia offers all her past webinars at a half price!! Over 30 webinars to choose from!

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Starting from today till November 30th! It is DONE! Finally the video horoscopes are done! After 3 months of work in extreme conditions, between moving continents, filming in hotels, bedrooms, rentals, having screaming upset babies with jetlag, fixing up our old house to make it livable I feel and look like a war veteran! But I hope they really help some of you! The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra are in for the biggest changes!

But Gemini have big events coming too!

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And Aquarius takes the cherry at the end of the year!! Just filming them got me all hyped up and short of breath by feeling the energy which is about to come! All 12 Signs! Finally both kiddies are at day care! My first day feeling a bit as a human and woman again! Spent it In bed and in the bath tub with a tummy virus thanks to Transiting Mars oppositions to Venus digestive inflammation but I felt the self love and peace of transiting Jupiter trine my Venus Will be all about work, self discipline and will power to remove toxic tastes, relationships and desires What big transits are you having currently and how are you experiencing them?

Healers and spiritual teacher say that we are inheriting and healing or worsening the karma of our ancestors, and this shows so clearly in the Natal astrology chart. The 1st house which rules the health, path in life and appearance is also the derived house of grandma from fathers side 4th mom from 10th dad and the grandpa 10th from mothers side 4th.

While the 7th house which points to marriage and relationships shows our maternal grandma 4th from 4th and our paternal grandad 10th from 10th. It turns out that if for example your grandma was suffering from abuse in her marriage, was abandoned or something else similarly painful and she could not transform the experience or forgive, it might repeat in your relationship life, so you can have the chance to fix this family karma!

If you maternal grandad suffered alcoholism for example, since he is indicated on your ascendant 1st house you might have to experience this side of neglect to body too. The lesson here is to choose to fix this family karma and then you will heal your ancestors too and this will not be repeated into the life of your children or you after that! Continue in comments. The second part of the year will be especially intense and hectic, with a lot of FAST endings and new beginnings! Join 10, other people who have ordered these! Which transits are really important? So important to follow the transits from and to your profected ruler!

My last profected year, I had Jupiter as the lord and I have definitely never felt so strongly in a positive actual way the transits of Jupiter!


Usually it would be just an improved mood and a sense of elation. But when Jupiter was the profected lord, every time Jupiter would trine my planets : bam, bam, bam: actual opportunities that happened, actual financial growth Jupiter ruler of my 2nd and 11th.

This profected year lord is Mars for me! I barely feel the Jupiter transits now you can see how many I am having at the same time! But come A mars transit and all other current transits I have become overshadowed! Inflammations, anger, irritability, car accidents, physical activity, but also all important events this year happened during strong Mars transits to my Natal planets! Like my first retreat Mars was square my sun Venus and Mars in 3rd -seminars, group activities, training the two small car accidents Mars rules and in my 3rd-trips, driving the trips to and from Europe 3rd house- travel , my decision to start finally working out in classes 3rd , work on the astrology software 3rd and so on.

Lol So people, when checking your transits one the transit calendar always check for those to and from the ruler of your profected year! Yep, being a small business owner is like being a professional athlete, always pushing yourself. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. You need obsession and will power bordering on madness. You need strong Mars will power, Drive! Saturn grit, perseverance, structure Sun leadership, creative ideas or Pluto crazy focus and obsession or their signs to push through obstacles and never give up.

I have seen a strong 3rd house for self starting business too many skills, willingness to try out different things, experimenting or strong 7th to interact with others, to exchange with others in good terms or strong 11th to be well connected and network Big hugs and respect to all those out there trying to make it on their own!

It is not for everyone! And this is as it should be!

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  • Yes the rewards are amazing, but I have that crazy factor of obsession and am I ruled all by Saturn Mars and Sun, my lesson is to learn to train my will power, to overcoming challenges and difficulties, to develop perseverance and grit. If it was not business, I would probably be a body builder or Iron man participant!

    But other souls come here to learn to love themselves, to create beauty, to care and nurture, to give hope to others, to heal, to teach, to learn about the laws of nature, etc etc It is fascinating how you can see your main role you were born for from your Almuten, the strongest planet in your horoscope which shows your Soul and what you are made out of! Feeling grateful for what I have now, as things will change so much for everyone after Almost ready with the Calendar! Will be our in a few days! The walls between the worlds open and the Demons come out to the surfaces easier when it is Halloween.

    Our internal demons are out to meet us! I woke up at 6 in a gloomy self loathing and pained mode, thinking about my life and the choices I have been making till now, knowing that if I want to be free and happy I can no longer make the same excuses and have the same weaknesses, time to face my demons and overcome them.

    If I was to die today, would I be happy with the life I led and how I felt?

    Would I say I had conquered my weaknesses?