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A planet in its own rulership is its own boss which is good for the planet, but not necessarily easy for the individual to deal with. Venus in Taurus tends to be concerned with worth and value, as opposed to partnership as Venus in Libra is. Your approach to the world, with Cancer rising, is going to be directly filtered through your emotions, your needs, and your safety issues Moon.

Ask Kevin: Classical Astrology. Overall Rating 0. Login to post a comment. Remember me. So does Rahu behaves according to Suns wishes. Case 2. A man knows that there is a Theif in his house, so he isnot able to work properly, due to stress. So Sun feels stressed out, due to presence of Rahu in his house.

I gut feel that the case 1 is more applicable. Rahu would work as per wishes of Sun when he is in leo. The " Dispositor " is the planet who owns that house which the owner of another house lives in. Hoping so, I have my next question - - - how significant is the Dispositor to the karma of the House?

For example, Aries Rising, Mars in second house Let's asses the Ascendant How significant is a planet's nakshatra position in determining its disposition and nature in a horoscope? Would you edit and reorder this list according to your opinion? Thank you! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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Posted June 3, The dispositor lord of the house holding a particular planet is extremely important Just as we're influenced by our environment, so too are the planets For instance people are influenced greatly by the unique character of the Country they live in, whilst the Country itself reflects the nature of its people This is a very powerful exchange. Example: Mars in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio. Mars is in the sign ruled by the Moon, and the Moon is in the sign ruled by Mars. Even though these planets are in their signs of debilitation this exchange strengthens these planets for the better.

The planet itself is like the physical body, but the dispositor is the heart and soul of the body. If a planet is exalted but the dispositor is debilitated it has a strong body but a weak soul or heart.


All this will give an understanding of the inner workings of how a chart is wired, how the individual functions in life. Unconnected Planets In some cases a planet may stand alone meaning it is not connected at all to any other planet by dispositor. This planet will be in its own sign. This planet is very strongly alienated in a chart. It will produce strong effects for the house it resides in.

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If it is a difficult house six, eight, and twelve it can bring extreme difficulty. Good houses can bring great rewards, as long as the other house the planet rules is not a difficult house.

Aspects as Events and Situations Aspects also are connectors of planetary energies. The dispositors are the genetic make-up. The combination of a connection through aspects with the deeper essences of the planets through dispositors manifests a situation aspect the reasons why is the dispositor. The aspects seem to relate events or situations.

The opportunity for a response to the events is based on the genetic make-up. In other words the way we react is based on our past. Dispositors are the root or cause as to how a planet will respond to a situation. Prediction The true test comes when the tools of prediction are used in this same way. When a transiting planet aspects a natal planet it not only triggers that one natal planet, it triggers that planets dispositor.

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In essence it is setting off the charts circuitry. The dispositors of the planets activated by Dasha or transit will reveal the reason why the event is occurring. With this information the interpretation will come to life with specific detail and accuracy. Dashas The Dashas have the same effect. The Dashas are periods of time in an individuals life that give the effects of different karma. Each planet in a chart represents karma for that individual. It depends how the planet that rules the Dasha is placed in the chart as to the result of that time period.

When the planet of the Dasha is analyzed as to which house it occupies, the houses it rules, and aspects, do not forget to look to its dispositor. We must always understand the planets are connectors of energy, and are connected in some way or disconnected.

How To Find the Element of the Dispositor of the Ascendant and Sun

These interactions are what weave the story of a life and its karma. Moon Chart Once the chart is analyzed thourghly another very important step for complete understanding of a life is essential. The natal chart Rashi is like the physical body. The Moon of a chart is the mind.

The chart must always be reviewed through the mind of the chart. This means the Moon is made the ascendant. In relation to the Moon the inner workings of the mind will be revealed. The more you learn to work with the Moons chart the more you will learn to understand the power of the mind. Sun Chart The Sun is referred to as the spirit of the chart. The Sun as the ascendant can give further reference as to the more spiritual dimension of a chart.

1. Find the Dispositor of the Ascendant

These three influences can be seen as the body, mind, and spirit of a chart. Essentially each planet in a chart can be placed as the ascendant, whatever that planet represents will be what that chart is in relationship to the life. Venus as the ascendant will give a perspective to a persons love affairs. To make things simpler to view the chart through the ascendant sign Rashi as the physical make-up, then through the Moon as the mind is more than enough for any analysis.

Using the power of dispositors I will illustrate how the analysis of a chart can come to life. The natal analysis reveals the basic nature and opportunities. The transits and the Dashas activate the timing of events that unfold in a life.

The natal combinations lie dormant till the Dashas and transits together activate them. I will give this systematic approach a step-by step evaluation. This of course is the planet of risk taking, and thrill seeking. Let us follow the circuitry or wiring of his chart. The ascendant is Leo. The Sun as the dispositor of the chart by it ruling the Ascendant Leo wires through Mars, and Mars disposits itself by being in its own sign Aries. If you will follow the pattern of dispositorship around the chart you will see Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Mercury are all focused through Mars.

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Mars is the final dispositor of these four planets, and since the dispositor of these planets is in its own sign it strengthens these planets. These planets bring with them the significations of the houses they rule in addition. The soul and reason for the events concerning these four planets revert to Mars.