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I provide practical and concrete answers in the tradition of Vedic Astrology, as well as deeper understanding of self and relationships, in the tradition of Western Astrology. I also employ unique and advanced techniques of Relocational Astrology, and work with over amazing flower essences. Please call my toll free number or email me if you have any questions, or to set up an appointment. You deserve it! My website has so many features, it's impossible to list them all!

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On This Day: Dodgers and Giants Receive Permission to Move to California

We are a unique and very special Astrology school. The Astrology Institute has been training astrologers and devoted students of Astrology for over 14 years, with over graduates. The faculty all have a strong background in the educational field so you know you will receive top rate and enjoyable classes. Astrology consultations for individuals, couples and businesses have been a specialty for over 15 years. Joseph Crane, M. Ayurveda Diet Herbs. The fabric of Indian life is so connected, in all realms of human existance. I am fascinated by the interconnections between meditation, yoga, breathwork,herbs, Ayurveda and gemstones.

All seen in the light of one's Astrology Chart.

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More recently, I have delved into the issue of remedial measures. This is the branch of Indian lore dealing with upayas or cerimonies in which we can begin to accept our limitations and offer blessings to those symbols ,dieties, energy fields if you will or stuck places from previous experiences. One intervention in witch I am most interested are planetary gemstones. With a strong spiritual background, she works with individuals, couples, occasional groups, and businesses to support a rich and soulful life. Her gentle style evokes both feelings of safety and encouragement to go for what one wants most, in life, love, work, and play, using a variety of approaches, includeing "voice Dialog," or subpersonality work, dream therapy, and transpersonal therapy.

Blue Lotus Center. A private dance school for all forms of Dance, Music and the Arts. Available for classes, workshops and corporate events. A Center for Well Being and the Arts. Blue Moon Astrology. Blue Moon Astrology is about a professional, client-centered, and empowering approach to astrology. An opportunity to explore relationships, career, and creativity with an astrological perspective. Whether in the midst of stressful times, in the doldrums, or looking for new opportunities for growth, astrology can help by lifting us "above" our ordinary way of looking at ourselves and our lives.

It's a wonderful stress-reliever to see current issues in the perspective of larger life patterns. Brooklyn, LI, Manhattan. Welcome to Psychic Visions Network. St Peters. In the Biblical census of the Book of Numbers , the tribe of Dan is portrayed as the second largest Israelite tribe after Judah. According to the biblical narrative, following the completion of the conquest of Canaan by the Israelite tribes after about BCE, [6] Joshua allocated the land among the twelve tribes. Dan was the last tribe to receive its territorial inheritance.

Modern and Ancient Astrology,

To the north the territory of Dan abutted Joppa, the modern Jaffa. This territory, not very extensive originally, was soon diminished by its dangerous neighbors, the Philistines. Joshua 19 The region they were trying to settle extended south into the Shephelah in the area of Timnah ; as a result, the modern state of Israel refers to the region as Gush Dan the Dan area. From after the conquest of the land by Joshua until the formation of the first united Kingdom of Israel in c. No central government existed, and in times of crisis the people were led by ad hoc leaders known as Judges.

The most celebrated Danite was Samson , a Danaite judge from the period of settlement in the lands allotted by Joshua. Pnina Galpaz-Feller sees similarities between the story of Samson and Denyen tribal legends. As a consequence of the pressure from the Philistines, the tribe abandoned hopes of settling near the central coast, instead migrating to the north of Philistine territory, and after conquering Laish , refounded it as their capital renaming it Dan Judges Thus their territory in the end lay northeast of that of Naphtali , east of the upper Jordan River , near its eastern sources, and defining the northern extent of the land of the Israelites.

A number of biblical texts thus refer to "All Israel, from Dan to Beersheba ". With the growth of the threat from Philistine incursions, the Israelite tribes decided to form a strong centralised monarchy to meet the challenge, and the Tribe of Dan joined the new kingdom with Saul as the first king.

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After the death of Saul, all the tribes other than Judah remained loyal to the House of Saul. But after the death of Ish-bosheth , Saul's son and successor to the throne of Israel, the Tribe of Dan joined the other northern Israelite tribes in making David , who was then the king of Judah, king of a re-united Kingdom of Israel. However, on the accession of Rehoboam , David's grandson, in c.

As part of the Kingdom of Israel , the territory of Dan was conquered by the Assyrians , and exiled ; the manner of their exile led to their further history being lost. Simon Magus , also known as Simon the Sorcerer and Simon the Magician, came from the village of Gitta also spelled Getta in Samaria, according to Justin Martyr ; [13] a site settled by the tribe of Dan according to Josephus.

Surviving orthodox texts, such as those of Irenaeus , Justin Martyr , Hippolytus , and Epiphanius , regarded Simon as the source of all heresies , including Gnosticism. In the old stories, a woman would cut off her hair for the man she loved usually offered to a god or goddess to protect them in life or death. It symbolizes royalty, but from a humble, selfless service to the poor, perspective. Since an archer needs keen vision, it may be associated with focused vision on the target.

The bow is the most violent object in the constellations, so it is no surprise that John Lennon and Adolph Hitler has Facies strong in their natal charts. Focused vision and ruthlessness are two characteristics associated with this star. Set your vision on using that planet in a way that will bring out your leadership skills.

It has been associated with spirituality, sudden death, blindness, leadership, and focused attention of warrior skills. Facies can be a difficult star as it has been experienced as combative energy. This is the story of the person who is out of step with mainstream society, but seeks its greatest reward in the old stories it is the beautiful woman where there is an otherworldly love, but someone or something stands in the way.

The Challenge of Formalhaut is to clash with mainstream thought in order to achieve the highest ideals. Formalhaut brings magic and mysticism; it inspires high ideals and lofty vision. Because the age of the ram was just before Christianity, it was inappropriately given a negative, or evil, connotation when one age ends, the rulers of the new age tend to make the previous one bad -just as the worshippers of the ram Aries had done to the age of the bull Taurus.

Hamal is a star representing action and independence. Aligned with a planet in your chart, this star adds an independent streak to the nature of that planet. You will enhance your self-identity. Madam Helena Blavatsky was co-founder of the Theosophical Society and a spiritualist who promoted independent ideas about metaphysics. Menkar represents the human unconscious or the collective unconscious.

The old myths see this whale as a monster; whereas, our current day association of a whale representing the record keeper of history and gentleness.

On This Day: Dodgers and Giants Receive Permission to Move to California

The Greeks saw it as a sea monster who was turned to stone when Perseus showed it the severed head of Medusa. Christianity saw it as the story of Jonah and the whale. Perhaps this star in your chart represents the monster within that is attempting to transform itself to gain greater understanding of its place in the great collective of society. It is thought to have the energy of expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn.

It is the western most star in the belt. It is the point of stillness at the North Celestial pole. This star is not visible for people born in the southern hemisphere. It is a guiding star related to a mission of emotional nurturing, finding your way. Find Polaris by drawing a line from the front of the two stars of the Big Dipper Merak-lower, Dubhe-upper to a bright star in the north in the little Dipper.

Polaris guides you north. Ptolemy states that it has the nature of Mars, and is crafty, spirited, and rash. It is the emotional writer. Its claim to fame is that it leads the way for Sirius.

It has been associated with opportunities which do not last long. An example is James Dean who rose quickly to fame, then died in a car crash. Capitalize on gains quickly as they may not last. Between and BCE, Leo was the summer solstice point.

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When it gave way to the sign Cancer, the Egyptian civilization fell from power. The challenge of Regulus is to avoid revenge. There seems to be a lot of warrior energy to Regulus. You must act like Osiris did to the Egyptians: create peace and civilization, giving laws to his people. Great success if revenge is avoided. The story of King Feridun of Persia who ruled the entire world. He divided it between his three sons, but the older two killed the younger brother for his share.

Because of course.

The father took revenge and they all lost Aim high with Regulus but maintain awareness of your actions. Rigel brings the need to teach and educate society to a larger world view. It is the concept of bringing forward development not just for the self, but for the many. Rigel is the educator. Related to the sign Scorpio. Influences our system psychically via Uranus, Neptune and Saturn.